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QDRO Preparation Specialist Launches New Partnership that Provides Divorcing Clients with Financial Management Expertise for Qualified Retirement Accounts

Have a qualified retirement account?
You may have dealt with your other retirement accounts in the process of having your qualified domestic relations order but together, but you likely still need financial management expertise as it relates to your qualified accounts post-divorce. Clients in need of QDRO-related help have long turned to QDRO Now for assistance with this all-important part of the division of property process, but now they can benefit from a new referral relationship to aid with their qualified accounts and other non-retirement assets, too.

Clients will now be able to tap into the professional network associated with QDRO Now, using our national/institutional grade wealth Managment field we have aligned with. Many experts are now encouraging their clients to seek out the expertise of a financial planner in divorce as a result of the many complex issues and factors that emerge during this process.

Clients reap advantages from the qualified network of experienced professionals maintained by Dr. Robert Hetsler Jr across the United States. The best providers in the above-mentioned industries are now accessible to you through my contacts. You will not pay anything extra for these connections, and you will get the most competitive rate and VIP treatment in the door from these companies. I focus on quality companies with strong reputations in the field and only refer my clients to those companies I would use myself. Regardless of the size of your assets, you are treated like a million-dollar client by me and the companies I refer you to.

My bargaining power and the volume allows me to get you in the door with these highly-reputable, big-name companies. Many individuals need tax advice beyond the scope of their qualified domestic relations order, and working with me through this referral process gives you an automatic tax consult in addition to the connection with our financial Management Company to whom we have a special alliance with that the client benefits from.

Having a tax consultation can give you an overview about what you need to know when it comes to taxes and your qualified retirement accounts either before or after divorce so that you can make an informed decision. Far too many people who don’t realize the value in having a tax advisor during this critical time could find themselves facing unnecessary penalties or confusion.

Working with me, you’ll get the tax benefit of many years of experience and the referral to the wealth management firm with a strong reputation in the field. You’ll feel more confident and informed about your own financial future, empowering you to make meaningful and educated decision.