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QDRO and IRA Rollovers-Read Below How You Can Get Them At a Discount or Even for Free

Use TD Ameritrade or Morgan Stanley, our Strategic Partners and have your IRA Letter of instruction drawn up for free if it is $25,000 or more being transferred over to one of our partners listed above or have a QDRO drafted up to divide your retirement account with $75,000 or above being transferred over to one of our preferred partners and get a full rebate on your QDRO such that your QDRO is actually free. Transfer $50,000 or more and pay only $250 for your QDRO as the $245 you already paid at the time of hiring us will be rebated back to you at the time the money transfers.

Please understand that we have developed relationships with the multiple National Brokerage Companies, like Morgan Stanley & TD Ameritrade, who will accept my referrals and they will also provide private wealth management which is typically only reserved for those individuals that require 1,000,000 or more in assets under management.

However, they, because of my relationships going back 14 years, will accept cases in all 50 states if you are referred by me.  As you know, all retirement plans will require a QDRO or DRO to divide even if your final judgment is very specific with respect to the amount the receiving spouse is scheduled to receive.  Preparing QDRO's is routine for our firm and we prepare them for all types of retirement accounts.  The only type of retirement account that does not require a QDRO or DRO to divide, is an IRA.  IRA's are divided through the divorce process but they are done through a letter of instructions ("LOI") and we prepare these for a flat fee
of $250 and they do not require the Judge's involvement.  However, having done thousands of QDRO's, I have compiled over 119,000 or more separate plans in my database and am intimately familiar with the process.

Anyone to whom paid $495 for your QDRO to be completed, be advised that should you utilize one of our preferred partners listed above, which is at no additional costs to you because we are compensated but solely by the Organizations while not changing your fees either upwards or downwards because the fees would be the same if you went to them directly.  However, the benefit is that now you are exempt from the typical thresholds required to secure a private wealth manager, and with as little as 10,000 being rolloved over, you secure the benefits, loyalty and advice of a private wealth manager that your average member of the public does not have access to without paying additional fees, which are significant if you do not have the required minimums of $1,000,000 which is typical across the board.  Please see above the two referral sources and also please note that you must utilize my name (Robert Hetsler) when calling to secure the benefits described above.  Please complete the form below to take full advantage of this benefit.